The amethyst bathroom: Measurements and plans 🦄

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I hung up the phone with a sigh of relief. The issue of anthropometric measurements was resolved. Thank goodness I wouldn’t have to do any equine accessibility accommodations. Apparently, Remedios’s partner doesn’t need to use the bathroom. Otherwise, I would have been forced to do a thorough study of Amethyst’s dimensions and then apply it to the blueprints.

«I think I can get by without seeing a unicorn. The assignment would be too complicated», I thought. Also, something inside me told me that I would end up meeting her sooner or later. Now what worried me was the work trench that I proposed to open a meter above the ground in the front wall; the one in the shower It was designed as a horizontal shelf where the hygiene products, some hanging plants and even towels would go.

He would have to raise the window a few centimeters higher than usual and he had already sacrificed the continuous coating due to the risk of damp. Being a flat surface without slope exposed to water, there was a probability of stagnation. Much to my regret, I needed a waterproof material, and the only thing that came to mind was porcelain stoneware.

The idea had to be kept at all costs to make sense of the design, and even so, he still had serious doubts to proceed. The wall was not structural and due to the climatic zone it was established at thirty centimeters thick. Ultimately, I would be forced to add a lining and remove those centimeters from the useful surface of the bathroom if I did not want the construction to collapse with Remedios taking a shower inside.



Being aware of my ignorance made me insecure, and the fact that I would have to share my concerns, even more so; I would not dare to leave this type of sensitive information in the hands of the internet. The obstacles had only just begun…

As it was blocked by the wall, I decided to go in person to ask for information about the documents needed to obtain the building license from the town hall, a 19th century building initially designed as a single-family home.

I arrived at reception and they immediately told me where to go. I went up the stairs to the upper floor. The door was closed. I knocked, I waited and no one invited me in. I played a second time with more force, I waited a few moments and nothing.


Before I left, a man in a suit, of indeterminate age and decrepit appearance, stormed in without knocking through the same door I had been banging on minutes before, leaving it open behind him.

—Martín!, —he yelled desperately—, ¡This is the second notice I’ve received, there won’t be a third!! If you don’t, I’ll be forced to issue the order.

I stood in the doorway, expectant.

—Dear Aceituno, —said the other voice dragging the syllables contemptuously—, Can’t you see I’m busy? I appreciate you leaving my office and closing the door on your way out. Thanks.

«I heard that voice somewhere, it sounds familiar», I thought. Aceituno left the office, without closing, with a face of astonishment. An unpleasant taste had settled in the air. I waited a few seconds, I looked towards the office and there he was. Sitting at the desk in front of a pile of papers; the man with whom I had the fight when leaving the Remedios building.

He looked up immediately upon sensing my presence. «I need to improve my invisibility skills», I remembered.



—Can I help you, ma’am?

—Carr, prr, yes. Hello, are you responsible for the urban planning area?

—Who’s asking?

—Hmm, Soledad Pérez,—I said without thinking. I had never lied in such a crazy way, although lately I had noticed that not all of us go with the truth ahead of us. I had been contemplating the need for protection for some time. The man seemed not to have recognized me and replied curtly:

—Yes, it’s me.

—Thank you, have a nice day! —I turned around and left quickly.


Experience had taught me that in certain cases it is important to collect as much information as possible to know what kind of individual we are dealing with. I asked for the details at reception and then did a little internet search. «Martín López Barrios, a common and current name. As much as Soledad Pérez…», I thought. I found little and nothing suspicious.

Before the end of the morning I was calling Remedios to confirm my suspicions. I explained the incident in the hall of his building and the characteristics of the subject. Indeed, we were in front of the famous neighbor of Remedios. What my client did not know is that he was in charge of dispatching the building permits for the entire town.

I don’t know if this Martín would end up remembering me and would connect the dots after leaving his office terrified; I didn’t care. I knew that dealing with someone of those characteristics brought an implicit complication; from lost to the river. Remedios and I agreed that we would have to watch our movements, there was a chance that they would put obstacles in our way. That same afternoon we met together for a snack at her apartment.



I arrived at the Remedios portal clad in completely opaque black sunglasses, a kilometric hat and a green silk scarf. I would be lying if I said without a slight nervous tension, a bag with sweets on the right and the laptop on the left.

Remedios had assured me that she would have no problem entering the building, and it was like this, although all caution is always too little. I took the elevator up to the penthouse. «If you want to go unnoticed, you are getting it Silvana Silvestre», I told me in front of the mirror with a mocking tone, «Naah. You are divine! Don’t listen to yourself», I added with a wave of my hand, a wink and a flying kiss.

The Remedios landing was deserted. Before pressing the bell, the door slowly opened a few inches and stopped. Something primitive told me that no one was waiting for me behind, but more than fear, what I felt was excitement, a bubbling sensation just above my navel.


From how little I knew Remedios, the inconveniences that were arising and the tendency to suspicion that she had developed in recent years, the logical thing would be that I had retraced my steps and canceled all communication between the two for an indefinitely.

Instead, I ventured into her apartment enveloped and guided by an indescribable sound. As if a spark of a star had fallen from the sky into a mineral cave and jumped between the crystals, like a reflection, rising and falling, warm, sharp and perpetual. An event eternally available in the space-time of which we speak, a piece of soul free to resonate through the fabric of the universe at volition.


Can you help Silvana Silvestre to solve her constructive dilemmas without making her feel like a panoli? Do you know any continuous coating that is used for wet areas? How will Silvana Silvestre and Remedios get the building permit? What is the indescribable sound in Remedios’s apartment? How does this story continue?
Thank you for your attention 💐

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Silvana Silvestre🌼

Silvana Silvestre🌼

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