The amethyst bathroom: Moodboard 🦄


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The phone rang before I could pick up the first sketches scattered on the table. As a general rule, I order and clean my work area at the end of each day to start from zero the next day. This morning is chaos; yesterday I let myself be tempted by the succulent idea of ​​procrastination. Of course, after making me promise that today would be a day of comprehensive purification in which I would get rid of the things that are consuming space in my studio.

—Good morning, Remedios! How are you?

—Morning, darling. Wonderfully. What about you?

—I’m fine, thanks. How can I help you?

—Look, my neighbor did renovations for the third time and this is already too much; I’m tired of him always flaunting his good taste and sophistication at homeowners’ meetings. I am not going to be less, Silvana; I want to teach him a lesson. I thought to start by remodeling the bathroom and you are the ideal interior designer for this project because I love your style. What do you say?

I hadn’t added this conversation to the list of crazy things I expected to happen to me today. Although, jokes aside, and ignoring the adorable relationship between Remedios and his neighbour, I got nervous.
Someone was trusting me to carry out a decoration work, «a real project!» I thought. My heart gave me a first jolt of hope and then another of fear in the opposite direction that cut off my speech.



“This is very big, hundreds of thousands of things can go wrong! I am responsible for my client’s money and the result. I have zero experience leading, I know few professionals in the area and no one I trust enough to feel comfortable. I am practically sure that they will deceive me and I will have to change my city, my name and even my hair color…”

—Silvana? Are you there?—, Remedios asks through the handset.

—Hi, Remedios. I’m still here. Ahem, ahem! Hmm… What do you have in mind? What’s your idea?—, I reply. 



«Heavens, Silvana Silvestre, relax!», I say to myself, «When are you going to be ready enough, when are you dead?! This is an opportunity from the universe, so, FLOW!». 

—Brilliant! As you know I share a flat with a unicorn; Amatista has a very particular energy that inspires me. I want something functional, sweet and magical. I would like to bring nature into the room; with hanging plants, for example.

«A unicorn? I know that Remedios is extraordinary and that she does some unusual things, although of course I didn’t know that she had such special friends… Should I ask about Amatista?», I think.



—Very well. We will start with a moodboard or inspiration board to capture the bases of the creative idea. We will bring reference photos with materials, coatings, finishes, sanitary, lighting, accessories… We put them together in a single image to see how they interact with each other and if the result truly meets our expectations. It would help me to know what budget we have, Remedios.

—I trust you, Silvana. The budget is unlimited, we will use magic. Although, without eccentricities, something simple and original.  

«Does by magic mean that Remedios will create a money machine or pull out a crooked wand to put the tiles in place to the beat of cheerful music?», I wonder.


—Great, Remedios. Early on Saturday I can come to your flat to take measurements. We will review the design concept with the moodboard.

—Gorgeous, dear. See you soon!

—See you! 

«Organizaaation!» Cleanliness and order are the best allies when it comes to finding mental clarity. The choice of coatings is the first step, in this way we lay the foundations of our design. From the moment the unicorn took the stage it was clear what the stellar coating was going to be for the shower area; the rainbow tile. The next premise to resolve was to bring nature closer to the room. For this I wanted to risk and surprise Remedios with green walls of living plants.

Choosing the right materials goes beyond aesthetics, it implies being informed of the technical characteristics of each piece with the certainty that the resistances are suitable for the area to be covered and that they work.

Then, the coordination between finishes became a necessity. Simplicity more than a premise has become a vital law for me, even so, the situation requires staging a fun, dynamic and vibrant environment. The solution will be to delimit each subarea with the help of textures.    



Saturday morning. The Remedios apartment is large, bright, well distributed and has the ideal orientation. Although there was no trace of the mythological creature.

Remedios loved the general idea of the design. We even talk about future projects. I took measurements and we said goodbye until the next appointment where we would analyze the plans in detail.

When I got to the hall of the building, a wiry middle-aged man was discussing something with the concierge, a large woman with a sweet smile. She was denying with her head and he seemed irritated.


Seeing that it would be difficult to get what he wanted, the man wisely gave up. His attention flew around the entrance until his eyes landed on me. He approached so determined that it made me reel. He greeted me and without waiting for an answer asked me with the greatest arrogance what was the reason for my visit. With all the courage that I was capable of, I allowed myself a few moments to study it carefully.

«Was I facing Remedios’s presumptuous neighbour? In any case, the interference is inadmissible». 

—Good morning gentleman! If I may, that is none of your business.

The man’s face turned red with embarrassment and then purple with anger. I didn’t want to see more. I rushed out of the building with an unpleasant feeling flooding my heart. I got home, made myself a nice relaxing infusion, meditated for fifteen minutes and got to work.


Have you heard of the moodboard? Do you find it a useful tool for designing? Have you ever used a moodboard to carry out your creative ideas? What can you add to this project? Do you like interior design?
Thank you for your attention 💕

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Silvana Silvestre🌼

Silvana Silvestre🌼

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